Based out of Johannesburg, South Africa, HEBE Beauty is a brand born out of love for luxury beauty and a passion for entrepreneurship. 
Our founder CEO and vision behind the brand, Chané Fortuin, is fanatical about encouraging women to feel confident with their real beauty by using luxury products that make them feel worthy of being a powerful woman. 
Chané Fortuin Founder CEO Hebe Beauty
"I love using luxury products. I'm really fussy with what I put on my face. But the problem is it can be so hard to access luxury brands as a South African. All the good stuff is abroad, and that means ridiculous shipping and taxes for the consumer. I want to bridge this gap. I want South Africans to feel proud of a locally designed, luxury beauty brand.
So at HEBE Beauty, we strive to create opulent beauty products that you can truly feel proud of. 
"I want the every day woman to feel like she's worth a million bucks. A powerhouse. A force to be reckoned with, every single day. Because she is. We all are." 
One of the beauty secrets Chané discovered at a young age, was the power of lashes. Lashes were a simple yet effective way of enhancing her beauty and she simply fell in love with it. She'd been getting lash extensions for 10 years and this is why luxury lashes became HEBE's first product, launched in the Spring of 2019. Almost a year later, and we have branched into more cosmetics. An absolute dream come true for the brand. 
In addition, we believe firmly in supporting the social issues in our country, we often run campaigns on our social media pages to assist women to grow and we regularly donate to the TEARS Foundation, for individuals affected by sexual assault and domestic abuse. 
"We are a purposeful brand. And always will be."
Since we are still a growing brand, we want to encourage your participation. We would like to encourage you to participate in reviews on our website and on social media, so that we can create products that you absolutely love.
"Luxury, quality and relatability are promises we will always deliver on.
Happy shopping! "
Chané Fortuin, Founder CEO