5 tips from Kylie Jenner and her makeup artist Ariel that we’ve tried and tested, that you have to implement now!


Who doesn’t love a Kylie Jenner face? We certainly do and we’re obsessed at how flawless she always looks. But her glam is certainly not a solo effort. Her makeup artist Ariel Tejada is definitely one of her secret weapons. Since we're so obsessed with his knowledge of perfecting a face, we dug deeper into some of the top makeup tips they use; tested them on ourselves and we’re amazed at the results ! Here’s 5 of our favourite tips that you need to know:

1. Use brown/bronze eyeliner instead of black.

According to Ariel, using brown or bronze eyeliner instead of black gives you that sultry and sparkling look. Line your lower water line and upper water line with a bronze or brown gel eyeliner. For brown eyes especially, this technique makes them pop versus making them look smaller, like black liner tends to do. 

2. Prime your lips

The secret to long-lasting lipstick ? Prime your lips ! This is Kylie Jenner’s biggest lip tip. 

"Not only does it moisturize your lips, but it helps make the colour go on evenly and last longer.” And she’s right! Lip primer creates a nice smooth canvas and prevents feathering and bleeding, especially with those beautiful bold colours. 

3. Mix illuminator with your foundation for THAT glow

This technique is everything! According to Ariel, mixing different foundations together as well as mixing illuminator with your foundation gives you a perfect glow. We tested this theory and it's a thumbs up from us, because it really does create the most flawless and glowy finish. Do use a gentle hand, however, Ariel stresses. Apply your foundation to the edges of the face and then buff it inwards. 

4. Highlight Correctly

Most of us made, and still make, the mistake of highlighting right down to the cheek, making us look like Christmas lights. This also defeats the purpose of a really smooth under eye area and contoured nose as it brings more attention to this area. Instead use your highlighter only on the side of your eyes and stop when you reach the cheekbone. Then, dust a little bit of highlighter on the tip of the nose to make it look extra cute. And that’s it babe, PUT..THE.. HIGHLIGHTER.. DOWN !!!

5. Reverse Contour and Bake

We love this technique for how chiselled ones face looks yet still leaves it looking really natural. With reverse contouring, use your regular concealer that you would use under the eyes and apply it along the smile lines, starting from the corner of the mouth, going all the way down but stopping before you hit the jawline. Bake this area as well. And Voila, you’ve got a more defined and snatched contour!

We hope you enjoyed these tips and if you have tried any, let us know in the comments!

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