Synthetic Silk, Faux Mink or Real Mink Lashes. What’s the difference?

With lashes being a HOT trend right now, there’s, what seems to be A MILLION different types of lashes out there. This can be very confusing when deciding what to buy (we feel your pain!). Babe, to be honest, we can really just narrow it down to 3 types: synthetic silk, faux mink and real mink, because that’s all there really is!

Now, amongst these three how do you know which ones are the most comfortable, or which one will look best on your eye and what will also work for your budget?

Well we at HEBE Beauty, are here to guide you through the maze of the lash world and get right to the crux of it, so you can understand exactly what the differences are, and find the pair that you’ll truly be happy with!


“Silk” lashes are a new type of lash that has come out in recent years and they are made from a synthetic based silk fibre, not actual silk. Although often marketed as such, it’s not actually because real silk is too soft and won’t be able to hold its shape. Some silk lashes have a higher and noticeable sheen, depending on the construction process. If it’s important to you, we would suggest that you do your research to find out what synthetic fibre the brand is actually using.

Are they reusable? They are, but we cannot promise a number here!

Silk lashes usually cost anything under R100.


Faux Mink is premium synthetic lash that’s intended to mimic the quality and fineness of real mink lashes. For vegans, this is a perfect option because it’s made from plastic fibres. There are some really great faux mink lashes on the market at the moment because technology has improved them over the years to make them look more natural. Each faux mink brand also has its own construction process. For example, some may not use a soft cotton band, which makes it harder to apply (we would definitely recommend staying away from this if you are a beginner and if you do not want to get frustrated with applying your lashes!). Additionally, both silk and faux mink tend to have more of a slight sheen than real mink hair.

Faux Mink lashes are definitely reusable and, similar to silk, can cost anything under R100, or between R100-R200 depending on the brand.


Mink lashes are the original babies; the ones that started the lash trend. Mink lashes are also used in lash extensions- the procedure where a lash is surgically applied strand-by-strand by a certified lash technician and where you lay down for about 2 hours for it. These lash extensions are natural looking, so beautiful and very convenient and effortless for everyday wears. But the truth is we don’t always have those 2 hours to spare or have R500-R900 to have beautiful lashes for 3 weeks, and then repeat that cycle, month after month, year after year. Lash extensions can also cause shedding of your natural lash, whereas strip lashes are much safer. We will say this also however, there are specific occasions we will give lash extensions a definite thumbs up, like a beach vacation or for your wedding day.

Mink strip lashes (ours at least), are not like the silk lashes you can find just about anywhere. They're made with a very soft cotton band which makes them lightweight, comfortable, and easy to apply (beginners this one’s for you!). The reason many beginners fail at applying lashes is because they often start with a cheap pair of synthetic lashes that are machine-moulded which makes them uncomfortable. The bands are stiff and the lashes are cut to shape — often resulting in an unnatural look. On the other hand, mink lashes have similar properties as human hair, the band is soft and because it’s handmade with fine hairs, it gives it a natural hair effect.

You can also rest assured that the minks aren't harmed in the process of collecting the hairs for our beautiful lashes. It is of the utmost importance to us that all of our products come from ethical providers. Our mink lashes are harvested by gently brushing the mink fur and collecting it when it’s shed. 

Are mink lashes reusable? One of the main winning points of mink lashes (again, at least the ones we've created), is actually their durability. With proper care, mink lashes could last even up to 20 wears.

Depending on the brand, the cost for mink lashes can range anything from R200 – R450. We retail ours only for R220. See our lash collection here.


Each type of lash, whether it's silk lashes, faux mink lashes, and real mink lashes, all have their own benefits, as well as price points. From our experience, there are really only a few factors that matter:

  • Quality
  • Price Point
  • Material (real fur or vegan friendly)

If you want the best, opt for Mink Lashes, they're durable, super natural looking, and very comfortable & easy to apply.

If you want something vegan friendly, give faux mink or silk lashes a try, just make sure you find a good brand that creates quality ones so they last longer, look more natural, and more importantly, comfortable to wear.

Stay tuned for our faux mink collection coming real soon!

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